Ross D. Montgomery, P.E., FASHRAE
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ASHRAE past Society Vice-President, Technology Council Chairman, DRC and DAL, past RVC, and chapter/section President. He has worked in ASHRAE activities for 40+ years, and has served on over 45 ASHRAE committees, councils and boards for ASHRAE. He has authored several ASHRAE Journal articles on Building EQ, HVAC controls, Commissioning fundamentals, Ventilation Filtration Effectiveness, The Strategic Guide to Commissioning”, and co-authored the ASHRAE book “Fundamentals of HVAC Control Systems”. Professionally, he works as Owner/President of QST, Inc., in the Building Commissioning, Maintenance/Operations, and Energy Audit/Rating/Assessment business, operating a company based in Florida, but travels anywhere in the world for work.

He also works as the AABC certified balancing and clean room engineer (TBE/CCE) for Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing of HVAC&R Systems of commercial buildings and cleanrooms, a primary investigator that provides Energy/IAQ monitoring, testing, research, and reporting as well as providing Environmental Solutions for IAQ problems, and performs legal subject matter expert witness work. He has successfully performed many bEQ ratings.

He graduated from the University of South Florida with a BSME. He has his Professional Engineers License, state Mechanical/Electrical Contractors licenses, as well as his CxA Certifications for Commissioning with AABC/ACG, TAB and Cleanroom certifications from AABC, IAQ, Energy Manager (CEM), High Performance Building Design (HBDP), and Green Building Engineer. He is an ASHRAE Fellow and a past recipient of the ASHRAE awards for Government Service, Presidential Certificate of Honor, Exceptional/Distinguished Service, John James International service, Lincoln Bullion membership, Andrew T. Boggs Service, and an ASHRAE Technology Award.

ASHRAE “Building EQ” Building Labeling Program and Energy Related Programs

ASHRAE has its established iconic Building Energy Quotient (bEQ)(Building EQ) Energy Rating/Labeling Program that officially launched in 2012-13, and its new web-portal in 2018. This lecture is associated with its prime objectives and procedures having performed several “in-Operation” ratings personally, as its bEQ committee past chairman, as well as being a ASHRAE certified Energy Assessor (BEAP), and a Professional Engineer. This presentation includes an overview of the current ASHRAE Building EQ program with an up-to-date discussion of its primary goals, objectives, and procedures. It highlights:

• Many examples of energy saving opportunities available in a typical building including renewables. • Description of the “In Operation” and “As Designed” ratings • Climate zones and building types covered. • The new Portal operation • The deliverables being the official label and user input data printout, various energy audit, narrative, and disclosure forms. • Related ASHRAE Building EQ products and services, such as Standards, Performance Measurement Protocols, and Energy Efficiency Guide for Existing Buildings, Energy Audits, and the ASHRAE Credentials (Energy Modeler and Energy Assessor + PE) that are required in order to execute the ASHRAE Building EQ Building Labeling program. • Explanation of credentialed users • New “University Course” offering to student branches. • Case studies can be offered, if requested • Updated to current Building EQ offerings per the 2018-19 committee transactions. • Can perform a Building EQ at a site building and train the chapter upon request, if time allows

Energy Audits: The basics of setting up and executing energy audits in commercial buildings
    GBCI Approved | 1 CE Hours | 0920020164
    AIA Approved | 1 LU/HSW | EAEHPD19
ASHRAE Standard 211-2018 and its predecessor publication Procedures for Commercial Energy Audits are used in this presentation that goes step by step in the required process of making energy audits, Level I, II, and III. It highlights several economic procedures used in energy audits. It shows many resources that can be used including ASHRAE Standard 100 and ASHRAE Building EQ program energy conservation measure recommendations. It highlights example energy and economic evaluation calculations about energy saving opportunities available in a typical building audit including renewables. NZEB buildings are discussed. This presentation also includes a brief discussion about of other related ASHRAE Energy products and services, such as Standards 90,100,189, Performance Measurement Protocols, Energy Efficiency Guide for Existing Buildings, Energy Targets, and the ASHRAE Building EQ Building Labeling program tie in to providing best practices.
Building Commissioning in the Built Environment - Principles, Process, Procedures, and the Future
    GBCI Approved | 1 CE Hour | 0920014335
    AIA Approved|1LU/HSW| MONTGOMERY01

This talk is about HVAC&R commissioning basics and highlighting our ASHRAE Standard 300 series, 202,230P, Guideline 0 and 0.2, and sample commissioning project applications and photos. It teaches about what Commissioning is and what it is not. Some sample subjects can include:

• HVAC/R-General
• Smoke control and NFPA 909
• Radiant heating and cooling using DOAS
• Clean rooms; OR’s; Procedure and Isolation rooms.
• Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Production; Drug Mixing areas.
• Air tightness testing; Case study examples using Blower doors and site AHU’s
• Energy Monitoring Systems; Btu and Kw
• Total Building Commissioning
• Enclosure/Envelope commissioning and associated method of testing
• Thermal/Ice Storage Chilled Water Systems
• Existing buildings in hot-humid climates
• Lighting controls where required by contract or code.

It explains the industry importance of commissioning and the why we use it, how it works, and speaks about its many features and benefits. It is important to note that ASHRAE Cx standards are process documents and can be adapted to be used in many other commissioning disciplines. As a current voting member of the Standard 300 group, and practicing CxA/CxP and ASHRAE Certified CPMP, it outlines better and best practices in commissioning activities, using ASHRAE commissioning related Guidelines. Each chapter of the new ASHRAE standard is explained. As the past chair, it explains the activities of the Presidential Ad Hoc Building Performance Alliance Committee on Commissioning, where we are working with all of the Industry giants (ASHRAE, ICC, USGBC, AIA, NIBS, SMACNA, AABC/ACG, NEBB, BCA, TABB, CAMEE, NEMIC, BOMA, etc.) to establish high level strategic directions for “Commissioning”, and its use and proliferation throughout our Industry, in collaboration with our Industry partners.

Testing Adjusting and Balancing (TAB) – HVAC
    GBCI Approved | 1 CE Hours | 0920020165
    AIA Approved | 1 LU/HSW | Montgomery07
This talk is about TAB work and its relation to HVAC; it starts with the measurement basics and the instruments that are used in TAB work, including some of the forms used. The presentation shows the technical equations and solutions related to real problems used in the field. The fan and pump laws are presented and solved in many real-world word problems. The simple process about how TAB performs its site visits and balancing efforts are demonstrated and discussed. Both Air and Water TAB work is explained. Psychrometrics, Particulate measurements, Noise and vibration topics are also briefly discussed. TAB work uses ASHRAE standards as well as Industry procedural standards such as produced by AABC and NEBB. In general, it gives a basic overview of the TAB process for air and water systems, and how it is used to validate and confirm that the design parameters are being delivered and documented to the project.
Filtering Ventilation Air for Sustainable Airflow Measurement – HVAC
This talk is based on the April 2022 Journal article that examines ventilation efficiency and effectiveness in delivering proper air flows to the spaces of the building. Many contaminants, if unfiltered, are detrimental to HVAC sensors that use precise temperature, pressure or speed as the basis of their measurement. It discusses issues and resolutions that commissioning practitioners; testing, adjusting and balancing professionals; and controls contractors encounter trying to attain design required consistent and repeatable design airflow measurement and control that is required by codes, standards and the contract design documents. A case study is presented showing the before and after commissioning test results. Many ideas for correcting bad practices are included. It concludes that the design architect and engineer, TAB professional, and the commissioning professional can all work together to achieve the best outcomes.
ASHRAE “Decarbonization, Climate Change and ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 228-2023 Support

This 1-hour presentation explains many basics behind “Decarbonization” and how ASHRAE is helping to provide awareness, education, training, technology, and standards to support this important Global Initiative and Commitment. Society has a Climate Change policy/position statement. Society has multiple programs and offerings to support Climate Change solutions.

ASHRAE technical publications that support our active role in Climate Change and Decarbonization are shown and discussed. ASHRAE Journal support articles are shown and discussed. Current on-going Industry opinion listserv statements and opinions/positions are shown.

ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 228-2023, “Standard Method of Evaluating Zero Net Energy and Zero Net Carbon Building Performance” is displayed, and Sections 4,5,6,7,8 are discussed and explained in detail.