Jorge E. Hernandez, P.E.
Regional Managers & Associates
12609 Oulton Circle
Orlando, FL 32832
United States
(305) 505-2906
Region: XII
Honorarium: None

Upon receiving his BSME in 1972 from The College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, Mr. Hernandez was one of twelve recently graduated engineers recruited by DuPont Company to receive an on the job crash training in Wilmington, Delaware where they wrote the Start-Up and Operations Procedures for DuPont's first plant in Puerto Rico.

Shortly afterwards, he was hired by who became his lifelong mentor, Mr. Raul Karman, at that time General Manager of Carrier Puerto Rico. Mr. Karman, a Professional Engineer and Magna Cum Laude from MIT, was one of a hand full of extraordinary professionals with whom and for whom Jorge had the unusual opportunity to work.

While working for Carrier Puerto Rico Jorge had the opportunity to attend the Carrier Sales Engineering Six Weeks Course. There he had the fortune to take Mr. Carpenter's last Psycrhrometrics Course. Mr. Carpenter was not only the author of Carrier's Psycrhometrics Course Text Book, but he was also Mr. Willies Carrier's Technical Assistant! He was 80 years Old in 1974 when Jorge had the honor to attend his class.

At the tender age of 26 years old, he was appointed President of Carib Climate Corp. at the time, distributor of Carrier Air Conditioning Co. for the lesser Caribbean Islands. This was a wonderful opportunity for Jorge to practice all he learned at the Carrier's Sales Engineering Course, and more, by helping the Carrier's Reps in the Caribbean with Load Estimating, duct and piping design (both DX and Chilled Water), Systems Evaluation, Equipment selection as well as book keeping, accounting and finance, General Management and Sales Engineering, etc.

Throughout his career, Jorge has worked as an Application Engineer, Sales Engineer, Regional Manager, V.P. Of Sales and Marketing for two Companies in the HVAC field, Daikin Latin America and Strong International. He was also founder Partner of Varela, Strong, Hernandez, a Miami based Consulting Engineering firm. He founded Sales Engineering Contracting and Associates, a Design Built Mechanical Contractor who among many other accomplishments introduced Built Up VAV Systems in addition to The Water Source Heat Pumps Concept in Argentina. Sales Engineering also did the first large DX VAV System in Costa Rica as well as installing the first Heat Recovery Enthalpy Wheel there. Introduced the Primary Secondary Chilled Water System concept in Dominican Republic and did one of the first Salt Water Cooling Systems for Chillers Condensers Using Titanium Plate Heat Exchangers in Cancun Mexico.

The job Jorge is most proud of was a small 100% (90 def. F DB/80 def. F WB) outdoor air pharmaceutical manufacturing small facility in Dominican Republic. The challenge there was we had to keep 35% RH and we had to do the whole system Built Up since we had no time to wait for manufactured AHU, De-Humidification Unit or even Condensing unit (yes it was a DX System!!!). To make things more challenging the Machine Room was 1/2 a block away from the manufacturing room! Thus we had to use a double duct system (one duct inside the other). The greatest challenge, an encounter with Micro Bacterial Induced Corrosion in a Salt Water Cu Ni Condenser Chiller that lasted only 30 days when salt water was found in the Centrifugal Compressor of the water cooled Package Chiller!

At present, Jorge works as a consultant for various prestigious HVACR Manufacturers such as BAC, Taco, Price, Data Aire, Doucette, Paul Mueller, among others, throughout Regional Managers and Associates, company he founded and is majority stock holder.

Displacement Ventilation

Basic concepts of Displacement Ventilation including a demo video and the summary of ASHRAE’s System Performance Evaluation and Design Guidelines for Displacement Ventilation by Chen and Glicksman.

Psycrometrics of Displacement Ventilation

Psycrometric Analysis of various Displacement Ventilation Systems including Re-Heat, Face and By-Pass and Heat Pipe/Run Around options.

Critical Applications

Basic Concepts of Air Distribution in Critical Applications such as Operating Theaters and Isolation Rooms including a discussion of the Hospital Environment in general (from the filtration and air distribution perspective), latest Codes, application of Displacement Ventilation and Chilled Beams in Hospitals, etc.

Latest Developments in the HVAC World

Displacement Ventilation, Chilled Beams (with emphasis in the importance of controls to assure no condensation in Chilled Beams), Self-Sensing or Sensor-less Pumps, the use of HORD Systems in Operating Theaters, Isolation Rooms, Closed Circuit Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers with the addition of Cooling Fills, etc.

Basic Psycrometrics for Industrial Refrigeration Professionals
Summary of basic Psycrometrics Processes, importance of Psycrometrics in Industrial Refrigeration Processes, Psycrometrics usefulness in establishing evaporative cooling equipment performance.
Basic Air Conditioning Concepts for Beginning Engineers and Architects

Conditioning Systems from Room Air Conditioners, PTACS, Mini and Multi Splits, DX Splits and Packages, both air cooled and water cooled, VRF Systems, Chilled Water Systems including basic hydronic concepts, Cooling Towers, VAV Systems, Air Handling Units, Pumps, Hydronic Accessories, Displacement Ventilation, Chilled Beams, etc.

Basic Concepts of Evaporative Cooling

The following is covered in this presentation :