Dr. Rajinder Singh
24/24 - B, Tilak Nagar
New Delhi
+91 9868246628
Honorarium: None

Dr. Rajinder Singh has 32 Years experience in Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning field (out of which 12 Years Industrial and 20 Years as Faculty). Having industrial experience in Central Air-Conditioning Plants (Blue Star Ltd), Refrigeration Plants, Cold Storages and Ice Manufacturing Units (Frick India Limited).

Dr. Rajinder Singh received his Doctorate Degree (Ph.D) in the field of Refrigeration from Delhi College of Engineering (University of Delhi) and received his Masters Degree in Mechanical (Thermal) Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering. In his major project of Masters Degree, he had done the complete analysis of 300 TR Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System.

Dr. Rajinder Singh’s Research Work is on Ice Slurry Refrigeration System. It is a new technology and effective in energy saving practices. He developed Scraped Surface Ice Slurry Generator and performed experiments on ice slurry formation and ice slurry flow in heat exchangers. He also developed mathematical model.

Dr. Rajinder Singh is member of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) for the last around 18 years. Presently he is Chair Student Activities of ASHRAE (India) Chapter and Past President ASHRAE (India) Chapter and DL ASHRAE. He already served as Secretary and Chair Student Activities of ASHRAE (India) Chapter. He actively participated in ASHRAE’S first Sustainability Project of distribution of Solar Lanterns at a remote village (Mali Gabini, Chamoli, India). Under ASHRAE (India) Chapter Sustainability Programme, he designed and assembled a Solar Cold Storage, the same is donated to a remote village and working well.

Dr. Rajinder Singh is also a Life Member of Indian Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE). He is a Technical Committee Member of ISHRAE. He is also Life member ISTE (The Indian Society for Technical Education) and IAEMP (Indian Association of Energy Management Professionals).

Dr. Rajinder Singh is also a member of Core Committee (Cold Chain), National Horticulture Board (NHB) and National Centre for Cold Chain Development (NCCD), Govt. of India. He is also a member of Innovation & Creativity Cell, IIT Delhi.

Dr. Rajinder Singh is a Certified Energy Auditor of Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Govt. of India. He executed many energy audits in the field of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration.

Dr. Rajinder Singh was awarded with first position in Innovation in Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning category of the “7th Bry-Air Awards for Excellence in HVAC &R 2011-12” All India Basis in the field of Ice Slurry Refrigeration System and also awarded with ‘Best Paper Award’ in international conference and Exhibition on building utilities held in Jamia Millia Islamia University, 1-3 Dec. 2016.

Dr. Rajinder Singh is also been significantly contributing in following Government Projects on honorary basis and giving his professional services: Project of Modernization/Updating National Genebank ICAR-NBPGR (National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources) of -20 Deg. C with latest microprocessor based Refrigeration and control system.

Dr. Rajinder Singh having three Patents in the Indian Patent Office.

Dr. Rajinder Singh has written two books for ASHRAE (India) Chapter:

(i) Applied Psychrometery for Air-Conditioning Engineers.
(ii) Best Practices for Operation and Preventive Maintenance of HVAC Systems in Green Buildings.

Dr. Rajinder Singh has published many Research Papers in various journals like Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications (ASME), Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research (JSIR), International Journal of Engineering Science and Innovative Technology (IJESIT) etc. His publications include ‘Heat transfer and pressure drop analysis of chilled water and ice slurry in a plate heat exchanger’, ‘Thermal hydraulic analysis of a plate heat exchanger’, ‘Experimental Studies on a Scraped Surface Ice Slurry Generator’ etc. and presented his work at a variety of national and international conferences.

Dr. Rajinder Singh presented paper ‘Comparison of Pressure Drop and Cooling Duty of Green Secondary Refrigerant (Ice Slurry) with Chilled water in a Plate Heat Exchanger’, in ASHRAE 2018 Annual Conference , 23-27 June 2018 in Houston, Texas (USA).

Dr. Rajinder Singh has conducted many workshops on ‘Applied Psychrometery for Air-Conditioning Engineers’, ‘Best Practices for Operation and Preventive Maintenance of HVAC Systems in Green Buildings’ and ‘Energy Saving in Cold Storage’ etc. at ASHRAE (India) Chapter level.

Sh. K. D. Singh, Dr. Rajinder Singh and other BOG members started a full day Technical Conference AIC Tech on ‘SUSTAINABILITY IN PRACTICE’ on ASHRAE (India) Chapter platform in the year 2013. During his Presidentship in ASHRAE India Chapter, he started classroom series in quarterly Newsletter of ASHRAE India Cnapter.

Use of Green Secondary Refrigerant (Ice Slurry) for Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning

This presentation covering Limitations of present refrigeration systems, Ways to approach the emission problems, Development of alternative secondary fluids, Ice slurry fundamentals and applications: Ice slurry Definition, Features of Ice slurry, Applications of Ice-slurry, Design development & fabrication of ice slurry test rig, Experimental studies on ice slurry generator, Measured Thermodynamic Properties in Ice Slurry Generator using different Antifreezes, Thermodynamic heat and work calculations of Ice Slurry Generation System, Freezing Curves for different Antifreezes at different Concentrations, Cool down period, Nucleation period, Ice slurry generation period, Minimum ice slurry temperature achieved at various Antifreeze concentrations, Calculation of Thermophysical properties of Ice Slurry, Thermohydraulic modelling, Experimental studies of Ice Slurry in a plate heat exchanger, Variation of overall heat transfer coefficient of Ice Slurry with flow rate, Variation of Flow Rate Vs Cooling Duty of Ice Slurry, Variation of pressure drop of Ice Slurry with flow rate, Comparison of Ice Slurry with Chilled Water while flowing in a Plate Heat Exchanger.

Applied Psychrometery for Air-Conditioning Engineers

Applied Psychrometery for Air-Conditioning Engineers, is a treasure for students, faculties, consultants, project engineers and managers in the field of Air-Conditioning. This presentation will provide attendees with valuable information concerning energy efficient Air-Conditioning Design. This presentation covering Psychrometric properties of air - Dry Bulb Temperature, Wet Bulb Temperature, Dew Point Temperature, Specific Humidity, Relative Humidity, Percentage Saturation, Enthalpy of Moist Air, Adiabatic Saturation Temperature, case studies. Psychrometric Chart is explained in this presentation with case studies. This presentation also covering Psychrometric Processes with practical examples and case studies - Sensible Cooling or Sensible Heating Process, Humidification or Dehumidification Process, Mixing of two different Streams of Air, Cooling and Dehumidification Process, Heating and Dehumidification Process, Cooling and Humidification Process, Heating and Humidification Process. Advanced Psychrometery is also explained. Concept of calculation of infiltrated sensible and latent heats is explained in this presentation.

Best Practices for Operation and Preventive Maintenance of HVAC Systems in Green Buildings

This presentation will provide attendees with valuable information concerning energy efficiency by preventive maintenance of HVAC systems &components. This presentation integrates insights regarding Green Buildings, HVAC maintenance, HVAC components and accessories, HVAC operation and preventive maintenance practices and covering Green Buildings, Features of Green Building, Design Objectives of Green Buildings, HVAC Maintenance, Maintenance Considerations, Breakdown or Reactive Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, HVAC Components and Accessories, HVAC Operation and Preventive Maintenance Practices, Preventive Maintenance of Condensing Units, Preventive Maintenance of Chillers, Preventive Maintenance Schedule for Package Units, Preventive Maintenance Schedule for Reciprocating or Screw Chillers, Preventive Maintenance Schedule for Centrifugal Chillers, Log Sheet for Chillers, Preventive Maintenance Schedule for Cooling Towers, Check List for Preventive Maintenance of Cooling Towers. Electric Resistance Heating Preventive Maintenance, Heat pump Preventive Maintenance, Gas Furnace Preventive Maintenance, Central Steam, Hot Water and Radiator Space Heating System Operations, Distribution piping operation, Boiler operation, Preventive maintenance of Boiler, Steam trap and valve operation, Preventive maintenance of Steam trap and valve, Air distribution systems, Duct leakage, Location and type of air filters, Return air imbalance, Air distribution systems operations, Pressure mapping, Duct air-tightness, Filtration, Temperature and RH logging, Air distribution system checklist, Fan coil unit Preventive Maintenance, Roof top package unit Preventive Maintenance, Evaluating moisture problems inside the AHU, Ventilation operation, Filtration, Outdoor air intake, Ventilation requirements, Scheduling ventilation, Avoiding health and safety problems, Ventilation preventive maintenance, Preventive maintenance of Exhaust Fan, Comfort controls - Thermostats, Humidistats, Ventilation control, Comfort control operation and preventive maintenance, Preventive maintenance of Electrical Panels, Switch Boards, Automatic Controls- HP Cutout, LP Cutout, Overload Relays for Fan, Pump and Compressor Motor, Oil Safety Switch, Single Face Preventer, Wirings, Unloader Solenoid Valve, Preventive Maintenance of Motor Starters, Preventive Maintenance of Electrical Control Panels, Health and Safety, Preventive Maintenance of Solar PV and Heating Systems.

Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System

This presentation will provide attendees with valuable information regarding Green Refrigeration System and covering Refrigerant-Absorbent Combinations, Water as a Refrigerant-Advantages, Lithium Bromide, Principle of Absorption Machine, Water- Lithium Bromide Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System (Green Refrigeration System), How Chilled Water can be produced by Heating, Introduction to Refrigerating Cycle, Two Stage Type (Double Effect Type), Components of Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System (Two Stage Type), Cooling Cycle (Double Effect Type). How waste heat energy can be used for Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning in this system. This also covering Ammonia-Water Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System (simple Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System), Practical Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System, Coefficient of Performance (COP) of Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System, Advantages of Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System over Vapour Compression Refrigeration System, Case Studies, Electrolux Refrigerator, Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System-Capacity Control, Purge System in Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System