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computer-aided drafting
parts design and manufacturing method utilizing a computer database where drawings are not needed. Synonymous with computer integrated manufacturing.
calculated variable
(1) variable that cannot actually be measured directly but one which can be calculated by measuring other variables (e.g., measure wet-bulb temperature and measure dry-bulb temperature to determine enthalpy). (2) variable that is calculated from one or more inputs.
the act of comparing an instrument of unknown accuracy with a standard of known accuracy to detect, correlate, report, or eliminate by adjustment any variation in the accuracy of the tested instrument.
comparison of the particular instrument with a primary standard, a secondary standard of higher accuracy than the instrument to be calibrated, or a known input source.
heat required to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water 1°C; specifically, from 4°C to 5°C. The Fifth International Conference on the Properties of Steam (1956) defined the International Table calorie as 4.1868 J. Mean calorie = 1/100 part of the heat required to raise 1 gram of water from 0°C to 100°C. Kilocalorie = 1000 calories.
An apparatus for measuring heat quantities generated in or emitted by materials in processes (e.g. may be used for determining refrigerant flow rate by the principle of known heat input or output, known physical characteristics of the transfer media and observed thermal differences).
computer-aided manufacturing
the arched curvature of the propeller blade.
camber depth
the perpendicular distance from the chord of the blade’s cross section to the point of maximum camber.
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