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daily range
difference between high and low temperatures for a typical day. Used in HVAC load calculations.
Dalton’s law
each constituent of a mixture of gases behaves thermodynamically as if it alone occupied the space. The sum of the individual pressures of the constituents equals the total pressure of the mixture.
damp building
a building that has a persistent and excessive accumulation of moisture which will, if allowed to persist, shorten the intended useful life of the building’s contents, materials, structural fasteners, or systems.
element inserted into an air-distribution system or element of an air-distribution system permitting modification of the air resistance of the system and consequently changing the airflow rate or shutting off the airflow.
damper actuator
device that provides the necessary force to position a damper.
(1) progressive diminution with time of certain quantities characterizing a phenomenon. (2) reducing the amplitude of vibrations by dissipating the corresponding mechanical energy to some suitable absorbing sink.
darcy unit
measure of permeability. At one darcy, a material will pass a fluid of one centipoise viscosity through a section of one square centimeter at a rate of one cubic centimeter per second, with a drop in pressure of one standard atmosphere.
(1) general term used to denote any or all facts, numbers, letters, and symbols that refer to or describe an object, idea, condition, situation, or other factors. (2) information obtained by experimental means, assumed to be in numerical form; recorded values of the variables; readings.
data bank
any electronic depository of data.
data base
ordered and named collection of data, particularly for use in computerized information systems.
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