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(also known as turbulator or turbulence promoter), device inserted in flooded evaporator tubes to prevent the evaporator from becoming oil bound or the refrigerant liquid from becoming quiescent at a pressure lower than its boiling point.
(1) a process employing heat recovery equipment or heat exchangers. (2) device that, on proper variable sensing, initiates control signals or actions to conserve energy. A control system that reduces the mechanical heating and cooling requirement.
see entering dry-bulb (EDB) temperature
eddy current
(1) electric current induced in the body of a conductor when that conductor either moves through a nonuniform magnetic field or is in a region where there is a change in magnetic flux. (2) localized areas of fluid turbulence known as eddies give rise to persistent vortices.
eddy current test
nondestructive test in which the change of impedance of a test coil brought close to a conducting specimen indicates the eddy currents induced by the coil, thereby indicating certain properties or defects of the specimen (e.g., thickness).
eddy flow
see turbulent flow.
equivalent direct radiation. See thermal radiation.
energy efficiency ratio
effective air change rate
the constant outdoor air change rate that would result in the same average pollutant concentration over the same period of time as actually occurs under varying conditions.
effective compressor work
network input absorbed at the shaft of a compressor, irrespective of time.
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