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gage (gauge)
(1) instrument for measuring pressure, flow, level, or other factors. (2) arbitrary scale of measurement for sheet-metal thickness and wire and drill diameters.
gage glass
device for showing liquid level in a tank, boiler, or other storage container.
gage pressure (gauge pressure)
the difference between absolute pressure and ambient or surrounding pressure. It may be negative or positive.
galvanic corrosion
corrosion resulting from the contact of two dissimilar metals in an electrolyte or from the contact of two similar metals in an electrolyte of nonuniform concentration.
garment insulation (Iclu)
the increased resistance to sensible heat transfer obtained from adding an individual garment over the nude body. Expressed in clo units.
state of matter in which substances exist in the form of nonaggregated molecules and which, within acceptable limits of accuracy, satisfy the ideal gas laws; usually a highly superheated vapor. See state.
gas constant
constant of proportionality appearing in the equation of state of an ideal gas, equal to the absolute pressure of the gas times its molar volume divided by its absolute temperature. Also known as the gas law constant.
gas constant coefficient
R in the perfect gas relation pV = mRT.
gas enrichment
increasing the heat content of a gas by mixing it with a gas of higher heat content.
gas metal arc welding (GMAW)
arc-welding process wherein coalescence is produced by heating with an arc between a continuous filler metal (consumable) electrode and the work. Note: shielding is obtained entirely from an externally supplied gas or gas mixture.
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