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indoor air quality (IAQ)
ice builder
refrigerated coils immersed in a tank of water used for forming ice and to provide ice water.
ice harvester
machine that collects ice on a cooling surface, then delivers it to storage or use in a process.
ice maker
automatic ice-making machine in which ice is formed, harvested, and stored.
ice point
temperature at which water freezes under normal atmospheric pressure, 14.696 psig, 32°F (101.325 kPa, 0°C).
ice regelation
(1) refreezing of the water film that forms on or within ice when the pressure from applied material is sufficient to reduce the freezing point to below the ice temperature at that location. (2) refreezing phenomenon: for ice, after removal of pressure induced by contacting materials (such as ice skates, wheels, wires, and bars) water refreezes to ice.
ice slurry (liquid ice)
suspension of ice crystals in a secondary coolant.
ice storage
thermal storage system used for chilling processes or for comfort cooling that uses primarily the latent heat of phase change from ice to water. Ice is formed during periods of low refrigerating demand for delivery of cooling during periods of high refrigerating demand. Compare to cool storage and cold storage.
ice surfacing
treatment to smooth the ice surface.
ice tray
container for freezing water into ice.
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