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monitoring and verification. See monitoring and verification.
machinery room
a space that is designed to safely house compressors and pressure vessels.
magnetic ballast
a ballast constructed with magnetic core and a winding of insulated wire.
magnetic cooling
cryocooling by adiabatic demagnetization of certain paramagnetic substances.
magnetic flux
lines of force that exist about a magnetized body and collectively constitute a magnetic field.
magnetic flux density
degree of concentration of magnetic lines of force.
magnetic thermometer
one that indicates temperature from the measurement of magnetic properties (e.g., susceptibility) of any suitable substance; used for very low temperatures.
(1) pipe or duct for distributing flowing fluid to or collecting flowing fluid from various branches. (2) regulated compressed air piped to pneumatic controls.
main meter
the meter that measures the energy used for the whole facility. There is at least one meter for each energy source and possibly more than one per source for large facilities. Typically, utility meters are used, but dataloggers may also be used as long as they isolate the load for the facility being studied. When more than one meter per energy source exists for a facility, the main meter may be considered the accumulation of all the meters involved.
maintenance program
maintenance concept in terms of time and resource allocation. The maintenance program documents the objectives, establishes the criteria for evaluation, and commits the maintenance activities to basic areas of performance (e.g., prompt response to mechanical failure, repair, adjustment, and planned service functions that protect the capital investment and minimize downtime or failure response).
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