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provided by a manufacturer or vendor in a substantially complete and operable condition.
packaged air conditioner
(also known as self-contained unit), complete air-conditioning unit, including refrigeration compressor, cooling coils, fans, filters, automatic controls, etc., assembled into one casing.
packaged boiler
a boiler that is shipped complete with heating equipment, mechanical draft equipment, and automatic controls; usually shipped in one or more sections. A packaged boiler includes factory-built boilers manufactured as a unit or system, disassembled for shipment, and reassembled at the site.
packaged direct-evaporative cooler
a self-contained unit including a fan and fan motor whose primary functions are (1) the conversion of the sensible heat of unsaturated air passing through the cabinet to latent heat by the process of evaporating recirculating or nonrecirculating water directly exposed to this air and (2) the movement of this air through the unit.
packaged indirect evaporative cooler
an indirect evaporative cooler with integrated or nonintegrated primary and secondary air passages and provided with both primary and secondary air moving devices. This device also includes the entire water distribution, collection, and recirculation system with pump and piping. This type may have provisions for installation of other heat and mass transfer devices, such as a direct evaporative cooler and auxiliary heating and cooling coils.
packaged systems
heat recovery devices that combine the exchanger with filters, fans, and controls.
packaged terminal air conditioner (PTAC)
a factory selected wall sleeve and separate unencased combination of heating and cooling components, assemblies, or sections. It may include heating capability by hot water, steam, or electricity and is intended for mounting through the wall to serve a single room or zone.
packaged terminal heat pump (PTHP)
a PTAC capable of using the refrigerating system in a reverse cycle or heat pump mode to provide heat.
(1) cooling tower packing. See stuffing box. (2) stuffing around a shaft or valve stem to prevent fluid leakage.
packing plant
production operation for slaughtering, dressing, and processing animals; also used in connection with processing vegetables and fish.
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