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see testing, adjusting, and balancing.
TAB technician
the person who measures and adjusts the system.
receptacle, open or closed, for holding, transporting, or storing fluids.
tankless heater
a heat exchanger for indirect heating of water, typically for domestic use, which is designed to be used without a water storage tank. See instantaneous heater.
manually operated device on the end of a pipe in a fluid supply system to enable drawing off quantities of the fluid.
task/ambient conditioning (TAC) system
any space-conditioning system that allows occupants to individually control the thermal environment in the localized zone of their workspace while still maintaining acceptable environmental conditions in the surrounding ambient spaces.
see temperature difference.
measurement of warmth or coldness with respect to an arbitrary zero or to the absolute zero. Temperatures are indicated on defined scales, such as Kelvin and Rankine for absolute temperatures, and Celsius and Fahrenheit for ordinary temperatures.
temperature controller
device that responds directly or indirectly to deviation from a desired temperature by actuating a control or initiating a control sequence.
temperature difference
difference between the temperatures of two substances, surfaces, or environments involving transfer of heat.
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