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state in which the fluid, usually gas, pressure is lower than atmospheric pressure.
vacuum breaker (vacuum cracking)
a device that allows an increase in the pressure in an enclosure under vacuum by admitting gas (air).
vacuum cooling (vacuum chilling)
cooling by vaporization under vacuum of part of the water contained in the material to be cooled.
vacuum diffusion pump
pump in which the motion of a gas is induced by its diffusion into the vapor phase of a working fluid in the pump.
vacuum freezing
freezing of a substance by lowering pressure to induce vaporization of a part of the solvent (usually water).
vacuum gage
gage for measuring pressures below atmospheric pressure.
vacuum pump
pump for exhausting a system; pump designed to produce a vacuum in a closed system or vessel.
vacuum pump (ion pump)
vacuum pump operated via the ionization of gases, the produced ions being transported by an electrical or magnetic field.
vacuum test
test to check the gas tightness of an uncharged system or component by drawing a vacuum on it.
device to regulate or stop the flow of fluid in a pipe or a duct by throttling.
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